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  The Birthverse Story  
Bob & Cindy James, Skeeter & Bob Harju

One morning, Bob Harju, the owner of Pumpernickel Press, a greeting
card company, was praying and asked God for his next creative
assignment. Immediately an idea came to Bob. There’s a scripture verse
to correlate with each day of the year—and every day is someone’s
birthday. Bob, however, wasn’t the only person God was talking to.

Cindy James, an employee at Pumpernickel Press, was looking up
scriptures when she suddenly noticed how the chapter and verse numbers
in the Bible could correlate with birth dates. She remembered a prayer
she had written in her journal just a few days before expressing her
love for creativity and asking God for direction.

Bob and his wife and Cindy and her husband met for dinner. Cindy shared
her story with the Harjus and Bob almost passed out. He could hardly
believe his ears! Cindy was talking about the very same idea he had
received just a week earlier. Once the four friends recovered from the
shock of this “revelation,” they realized God had entrusted them with
an important idea. This idea involved the awesome responsibility and
privilege of spreading His Word.

How did they choose the verse for my birthday?

After God shared His creative idea with the founders of BIRTHVERSE, a team of excited people began the search for the very best Bible verse for each day. In earnest prayer they spent countless hours combing the scriptures, reviewing the selected verses, narrowing the list and prayerfully selecting the final verses. These 366 Bible verses are what we call BIRTHVERSE. And one has been selected for you!